Local development

Assistance in international crisis-hit areas, with stabilisation and peace keeping actions

Assistance in areas lagging behind in their development, in Italy and abroad

  • Support in the re-establishment of local governance:
  1. socio-economic and territorial planning, and programmes to develop the agricultural and health sectors following sustainability criteria;
  2. re-organise and train public administrations;
  3. optimise inter-institutional relationships and decentralisation;
  4. guide local development processes and the involvement of stakeholders.
  • Advanced and vocational training programmes, delivered on-site or via distance learning.
  • Determine sustainability criteria and guidelines for reconstruction that are in line with long-term development objectives.
  • Drafting of micro development projects for remote communities; planning and management of microcredit projects for development.
  • Encouragement for regions looking to capitalise on their assets to develop a sustainable local economy and facilitate equal opportunity.

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Environmental management

Support in the management of water and environmental resources

  • Support with the planning and management of water and environmental resources (waste disposal, natural areas, desertification processes, alternative sources of energy ).
  • Support with technical planning of systems and networks.
  • General consulting and coordination of project logistics and realisation; assistance in drafting and managing bids, contracts and financing for public works.
  • Application of quality-control criteria and of environment management systems according to sustainability criteria.
  • Programmes of advanced and vocational training – delivered on-site or via distance learning.
  • Encouraging joint efforts and resolution of conflicts in terms of use and availability of resources and compatibility of public works projects.
  • Technical assistance and training to govern and manage local public services.

Technical assistance in areas hit by environmental disaster or crisis

  • Support to re-establish the processes of governance and facilitate recovery and redevelopment in the aftermath of environmental disasters.
  • Post-emergency planning and projects for territorial and environmental defence in conjunction with civil defence authorities.
  • Support in the planning of preventative and first-response measures.
  • Communication and information dissemination campaigns for public entities and citizens.
  • Definition of standards and indicators for measuring sustainability and quality of development.
  • Research and development projects – technological innovation, realisation of information and cartographic systems; transfer of technologies, experience and know-how in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.
  • Assistance implementing EU directives in new or prospective member states.

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Legality and Development

Areas characterised by the presence of organised crime

  • Programmes for economic development and shared civic responsibility; re-establishment of the rule of law and promotion of the relationship with public institutions; support in the management of conflicts among local communities and at institutional levels.
  • Technical, administrative and organisational support for authorities whose powers have been usurped by mafia infiltration.
  • Advanced and vocational training programmes - on-site or via distance learning.
  • Projects for administrative transparency and counter-corruption.
  • Assistance with the redistribution and management of assets confiscated from criminal organisations.
  • Communication and information dissemination programmes.

Support with immigration policy management

  • Training and assistance related to all issues surrounding the assimilation of immigrants.
  • Planning of operational frameworks for re-integrating people in their homelands by identifying and managing targeted cooperation projects.
  • Support with projects related to development and financial assistance for areas directly affected by the arrival of large numbers of migrants.
  • Communication and information dissemination programmes.

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Support to the enterprises

SudgestAid, as part of its commitment to the Authorities and Governments of many Third Countries, plays also an intense action in favor of economies and employment in these areas through the provision of assistance for the attraction of investments, the formation of promotion agencies, the vocational training, the empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises, through the involvement of Italian partnerships.

Due to its action in the field of development planning and governance, SudgestAid do not organize the traditional meeting between enterprises, but develops project ideas to stimulate the growth of new business opportunities and transnational partnership, especially with Italy.

In particular, the expertise of SudgestAid in this field concerns:

  • Assistance and support to local authorities and government agencies for the economic development of business: institution building, training for local managers in the field of rehabilitation of small and medium-sized enterprises, placement actions and organization of training workshops, training for local and national public administrators on issues of governance, local development, accounting and financial management, design and development of financial instruments such as micro-credit programs, co-financing of feasibility studies and business planning;
  • Assistance and support to consulting firms' participation to international tenders;
  • Assistance and support to single enterprises for investments, joint ventures, export, transfer of know-how in foreign markets;
  • Assistance to Italian companies abroad: Organization of missions, workshops and seminars, meetings, information services of assistance in Italy and abroud (logistics, bureaucratic, relational and security) to the Italian companies interested in partnerships and investments in countries where SudgestAid organizes actions of "governance"; assistance to the connections at the national level, the identification of investment/partnerships opportunities and also for participation with local public Companies, assistance for participation to tenders.

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