21 december 2012

Iraq: “SudgestAid meet Iraqi key Ministers for development policies”

Sudgestaid-Incontri con diverse realtà istituzionali iracheneSudgestAid Director General, Mr. Maurizio Zandri together with SudgestAid Special Adviser for Iraq, Mr. Abrah Malik, carried out a Mission in Iraq from 14th to 20th December 2012 within the project “Assistance and training to the Investment Commission of Thi Qar” financed by the General Directorate for Political Affairs of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective of the mission was to get in contact with the key national Ministries for development policies, in order to establish a framework useful to:

  • Define in detail the lines of the training action of assistance (meetings, exchange of experiences, etc...) related to the second phase of the activities in support of Thi Qar Investment commission, envisaged by the Project and specifically aimed at the development of relations with Italian entrepreneurs and investors as part of a development project. To foster a climate of consent between the central and the peripheral levels in the hypotheses of Thi Qar development, facilitating the relationships between the national structure and the Thi Qar structure in charge.
  • Single out the most advantageous fields according to the Ministries and the Iraqi national bodies in charge for the development of Italo-Iraqi entrepreneurial relationships in the South of the Country, also in order to better organize Italian entrepreneurs’ mission in Thi Qar.
  • Identify possible needs of support and assistance that can foster SudgestAid advising and training action towards the central Ministries, also in order to exploit to the utmost the effort the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made up to now within the assistance and training actions undertaken through SudgestAid.

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30 november 2012

Yemen: “Design and implementation of an information personal data system to support the management of migration flows in Yemen”

Yemen: Progettazione e implementazione di un sistema informativo – anagrafico per il sostegno alla gestione dei flussi migratori in YemenSudgestAid hosted a Yemeni delegation encompassing Government officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interiors and the Ministry of Human Rights within the project “Design and implementation of an information personal data system to support the management of migration flows in Yemen” from the 25th to the 30th of November. The project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and realized in collaboration with Ancitel, the society providing technical services to Italian Municipalities.

In particular, the mission aimed at introducing the informative personal data system elaborated by Ancitel to help the Yemeni Government to deal with the massive migration flows from the horn of Africa that the country is facing. Other than that, the delegates visited several shelters for refugees were CARA in Castelnuovo di Porto, Italian Committee for Refugees (CIR) and the SPRAR in Orte. These visits gave the delegates a quick insight about the “integrated treatment” for refugees and asylum seeker, provided jointly with the local bodies. During the meetings of the mission, SudgestAid and Ancitel were able to receive a direct feedback on the feasibility and on the usefulness of the project itself, and the proposed activities were generally welcomed by the delegation.

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18 november 2012

Afghanistan: "Training for civil servants in the province of Herat on the themes of the Public Procurement and Budgeting"

Attività di formazione per i dipendenti della Pubblica Amministrazione della Provincia di Herat sui temi del Public Procurement and BudgetingFrom the 3rd to the 15th of November 2012 was held in Herat the training course addressed to employees of the public administration of the province of Herat about the Public Procurement and Budgeting in the framework of the project "Local Development, Good Governance and strengthening of steering and expense control capacities” financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-funded by University of Genoa and in collaboration with SudgestAid in the role of "implementing partner".

The ultimate beneficiaries of the project, selected by the Governatorate, are civil servants working in the 16 districts which are part of different Herat Governorate’s structures such as the province, the Governor’s Office and ten different operational departments including Agriculture, Public Works, Health, Education, Finance, the Municipality of Herat and Offices of the Provincial Council. During the course was presented to employees of Herat Province the Multimedia Remote Platform of distance assistance implemented by the University of Genoa.

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30 ottobre 2012

Afghanistan: "Presentation of Multimedia Platform for Distance Learning"

Presentazione della Piattaforma Multimediale di Formazione a distanzaDuring the Training of Trainers (TOT), which was held from 19th to 25th October 2012, in the framework of the project "Local Development, Good Governance and strengthening of steering and expense control capacities”, was introduced the platform for multimedia distance learning implemented by University of Genoa.
To access to the platform you need to enter in your browser: This tool, which is very easy to use, allows employees of Public Administration of Herat to:

  • interact with faculty professor of the University of Herat;
  • propose online discussions;
  • intervene in real time in case of problems or issues;
  • Consult the teaching materials used in courses on Strategic Planning, Project Cycle Management and the Public Procurement and Budgeting;
  • Stay in touch with the Afghan reality for future cooperation opportunities.

Simulations of the operation of the platform were carried out during the TOT in order to allow the professor of University of Herat to transfer this knowledge to the civil servants of Herat Province in the next training session.

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28 october 2012

Afghanistan: “Training of Trainers (TOT) on Public Procurement and Budgeting”

Formazione Formatori sui temi del Public Procurement and BudgetingFrom 19th to 25th October 2012 was held the second session of the Training of Trainers for the Herat University teachers about the issues related to Public Procurement and Budgeting within the project: “Capacity Building for Budget Execution, Procurement Activities and Expense Control – Proposal for an experimental action of assistance and training of the structures of the Herat Governorate (Afghanistan) in support of the implementation of the Provincial Development Plan (PDP)”, financed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, co-financed by the University of Genoa and with the collaboration of SudgestAid as “implementing partner”.

The training activity has been implemented by two professors of the Genoa University with the support of afghan experts (NDSO). They are responsible for the translation of the didactic materials in Dari and methodological issues. The training session concerns the following issues:

  • Financial delivery systems;
  • Organization of the terms and rules of contracts;
  • Transparency and legality;
  • Financial management of contracts;
  • Electronic web-platform implemented by the Genoa University.

The supervision of the activities, the logistic and administrative aspects were ensured by SudgestAid and the University of Genoa.

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24 september 2012

Afghanistan “It starts the Training Activity for 140 employees of the Herat Province (Afghanistan)”

Attività di formazione per 140 dirigenti della Provincia di HeratFrom 16th September starts the training activity for 140 employees of Herat Province (Afghanistan) at Herat University, partner in the project. The courses are financed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs- Italian Development Cooperation and co-financed by Genoa University with the operative coordination of SudgestAid.

The beneficiaries come from the 16 Districts of the Province, from the Governorate’s Office and 10 Operational Departments: Agriculture, Public Work, Health, Education, Finance, the Municipality of Herat and the Offices of the Provincial Council. For two months will follow three different courses aim to strength their skills to make strategic planning, coordinate projects, increase transparency and efficiency in purchasing and procurement procedures. The project has financed the creation of a permanent Training Center within the University of Herat and used not only for the training of the 140 employees of Herat Province, but also to perform local civil servants lifelong learning. The center will also benefit from an electronic platform of distance assistance that Genoa University is implementing in the framework of the project.

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23 april 2012

Jordan: “Piloting Committee within the ArcheoMed Project”

Giordania: Comitato di Pilotaggio nell’ambito del progetto ArcheoMedFrom 17th to 20th April 2012 was held in Jordan the second Piloting Committee of the archeoMed project aimed at improving the follow up of the project implementation phases. The University of Yarmouk (Irbid) hosted the event. Beyond any political, social and economic borders, the Mediterranean countries share a common legacy made up of a similar archeological and architectural assets. To fully exploit the potential offered by this Mediterranean heritage, enhance the management of cultural sites and valorize underrated resources, ArcheoMed focuses on the development of an integrated regional policy, building on the concept of a “Mediterranean Cultural District”, with a view of promoting shared ideas and initiatives based on a single communication and marketing strategy.

SudgestAid is partner but also promoter of the project whose leader is the University of Agrigento. The other partners are AIDO, a Spanish technological company, and two Mediterranean Universities, Yarmouk (Jordan) and Al Quds (Palestine).

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20 april 2012

“Framework Contract - research Partners”

Framework Contract: ricerca PartnerOur Board of Directors has recently decided to open a consultancy in order to select the best partners aiming to participate in the new Framework Contracts. SudgestAid is particularly interested in bidding for the following lots:

7: governance and home affairs also as Leader;

9: culture, education, employment and social affairs as Partner;

10: trade, standards and private sector as Partner;

12: humanitarian aid, crisis management and post-crisis assistance as Partner.

If you are interested and available to discuss a possible partnership please contact us to the following email address: info@sudgestaid.it

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28 march 2012

Iraq: “Investments in Iraq - Iraqi delegation in Italy”

Investimenti in Iraq – Delegazione irachena in ItaliaA delegation of representatives of the Iraqi Parliament and of the Province of Thi Qar is been in Rome from Monday 19th to Saturday 24th March in the framework of a project in support of the Iraqi Investment Commission that SudgestAid is developing on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The activity is aimed at strengthening the cooperation between Italy and Iraq, involving actors from civil society, industry and business. In particular, SudgestAid has analysed and sponsored possible business partnership and investment in Southern Iraq, area characterized by major stability than other areas of the country and where major sources of energy wealth are present.

Construction, energy, healthcare, tourism, waste management and assistance to the “governance”, areas in which Iraq is investing, have been the major talking points of the Delegation during the meeting with:

  • Franco Frattini (PDL) and Lapo Pistelli (PD)
  • The Community of S. Egidio
  • Confindustria
  • Confapi
  • Unicredit
  • Ancitel
  • Companies of the construction sector (Edil-Expo).

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17 march 2012

Libano: “Strategic Planning for the Cazas of Jbeyl and Batroun – The Visioning Workshop (Lebanon)”

Workshop per produrre la vision dei piani strategici di sviluppo per le Provincie di Jbeyl e BatrounMore than 70 people, including majors, mohtar, representatives of NGOs and the associations have participated on Saturday 10th March 2012, at the American Technology University (AUT) - Fidar, in a workshop organized in order to produce the vision of the strategic development plans for the two Cazas of Jbeyl and Batroun.

Organized by SudgestAid, within a project financed by the Italian Cooperation aimed at enhancing the capacities of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and strengthening the competencies of the municipalities, the workshop is one of the activities through which is possible to identify the main strategic development for the Cazas of Jbeyl and Batroun. The meeting was opened by Maurizio Zandri, Director General of SudgestAid, who underlined the importance of a strategic framework as a tool available to Municipalities in order to encourage the development of their communities. “To have a vision, he said, means: integrate the stakeholders desires and reduce the conflicts, to integrate in a participation process the local administrations and to integrate in a collaborative process the local and national administrations”.

Also the director of the Italian Cooperation in Beirut, Guido Benevento, has highlighted the importance of the strategic plan as an element through which the local governments can discuss and obtain the respect of the Central Government, showing technical and analytical capacities.

On the base of the vision agreed by the local stakeholders, the expert team is now working to elaborate a plan that will be presented in a new workshop and approved by a ministerial commission.

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19 january 2012

Iraq : ”Capacity Building and Support to Local Development in Thi Qar Province (Iraq)”

Programma di Capacity Building e Assistenza allo sviluppo nella Provincia di Thi QarSudgestAid long standing commitment in favor of local governance and sustainable development in Southern Iraq is being confirmed by the start up of two new projects. During a Mission in Nasiriyah, ended on January 12nd, an extensive program for the Province of Thi Qar has been launched, with the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Direction General Political and Security Affairs. The project “Strengthening of the Governance in Thi Qar for continuous training of public administration”, aims to build a permanent Training School for PA Officials while the project “Accompaniment to the economic development of Thi Qar” will involve the Iraqi Investment Commission in the creation of a network with the Italian enterprises.

During the mission, SudgestAid experts have met the project stakeholders, local authorities and beneficiaries with the aim of acquiring their suggestions and views about the projects and starting the operational activities.

Thi Qar Local Authority has welcomed SudgestAid team very friendly and warmly and the Governor of Thi Qar, Taleb Al-Hassan has offered full operational and institutional support for the implementation of the projects activities.

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