30 october 2009

Iraq: “The role of regions in the new federal Iraq”

The Provincial Council of Thi Qar (Nassiriyah-Iraq) has organized a workshop addressed to all its elected members and aimed at studying in depth the problems linked to the new federal aspect envisaged by the Iraqi Constitution. The workshop took place from 25th to 27th October in Nassiriyah. Maurizio Zandri and Abrah Malik, General Director and Special Advisor of SudgestAid respectively, were invited to participate as the only International lecturers.

During the “Workshop”, some aspects related to the new responsibilities and tasks that will be up to the Iraqi regional governments, have been dealt with, in addition to a framework of the decentralization and federalism systems belonging to the European experience. Particularly, the debate focused on the forthcoming “capacity building” needs in order to handle the new authorities of independent finance, resource planning and programming that will be local governments’ concern, as from the conclusion of the next round of voting, foreseen at the beginning of the new year.

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5 october 2009

Iraq: “The president of the Thi Qar Provincial Council was in Rome for the SudgestAid Workshop”

Ishan Al-Taei, President of the Thi Qar Provincial Council and Naeem Al Jaafar, President of PRDC, have been in Rome from the last September 23rd to the last October 2nd , together with a delegation composed of 9 Iraqi experts of the Thi Qar Province. The purpose of the stay was the participation in the Workshop entitled “Project Management, Assessment and Report” organized by SudgestAid within the project “Strengthening the Governance in the Province of Thi Qar”, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This initiative, closed on the 2nd October, has envisaged some days dedicated to training on strategic programming and planning, while particular attention was given to Logical framework, monitoring techniques and assessment of programs and projects.

The didactic methodology focused on common debate and exchange of experiences, through which it was possible to spread the approach and the methodology used for the drafting of the 2007-2009 Strategic Plan of the Thi Qar Province, as well as the critical issues implied in its implementation.

With this regard, there has been a debate with the President of the Provincial Council and the President of PRDC on the organization and the contents of the workshop “Dhi Qar Budget ution Support”, promoted by UNDP, PRT and SudgestAid, that will be held in Mittica Camp next November. In this field SudgestAid has agreed with the local representatives upon the arrangement and the supply of a questionnaire for the analysis of the critical issues and local needs, with regard to Budget planning, implementation and assessment.

On October 1st, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iraqi delegation met Antonello De Riu, Head of Office of the Middle East of Cooperation Directorate Counselor, as well as some Technicians of the central Technical Unit of the Ministry, with which the priorities and the methods for future cooperation have been discussed; in particular, the debate focused on three lines of intervention, on which the representatives of the Thi Qar Province have urged SudgestAid’s commitment: the stabilization of local PA training system through the creation of a Permanent Training School, vocational training for unemployed people (Vocational Training Centre) and the development of the Feasibility Study of the Village in the area of Al Jubair.

During the workshop, participants proved to be actually interested in the matters dealt with. As a result, yesterday, at the end of the courses, they have expressed a positive overall evaluation and showed the need to further deepen the treated topics, considering their usefulness for the arrangement and implementation of the provincial Strategic Plan.

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